Check republic

I heard about this really cool app framework that was supposed to change the way we make web apps. It is called Meteor, and when I started reading up on it I felt I needed to try it. So I decided to make this little app I've had in my head for a while.

I almost never use todo apps for organizing my work. I use them for shopping lists, packing lists, reminders and to store ideas for blog posts. And one thing that annoys me about todo apps is that they assume that I want to do each thing just once. For a lot of use cases, that's not true. Often you want to do a list of things many time.

Enter Check Republic. It's a simple app for making check lists.

It's really minimalistic, and it's not feature complete yet, but I like it. I'd love for you to try it and tell me what you think.

Anyway. The reason I did this thing was mainly to see if Meteor is anywhere near as awesome as I hoped.

It is.

Meteor is in its early stages, and there are bugs. But it feels like the future. Having the same language for front-end and server is one thing (node will give you that), but with Meteor you have the same API throughout your app, both front-end and server. Meteor handles all the client-server communtication for you, it handles routing, resource bundling and a hell of a lot more. Templating is painless, so is deployment. It feels pretty much like magic. If you're into web development at all, you should at least look at the screencast.